Put your mind in a positive place by specifically identifying someone or something you appreciate today.

Many of us find ourselves focusing on the bad in life. What has gone wrong, what is going wrong, and what may go wrong. It’s a natural tendency for all of us. We focus on what needs to be fixed or what may be a danger to us.

Benefits of Practicing Appreciation

When we change our perspective to appreciation, we are choosing to focus on what is going right in our lives. It turns our mindset into one of opportunity and thanks. This mindset leaves us open to better relationships, overall growth, and provides us with a perspective that enables us to see opportunity and growth in every part of life.

In this area of the Define My Day journal, think of what you appreciate right now. What can you be thankful for? It can be anything. A person, quality that you have in yourself, or even an object. It may be an experience or something as simple as the weather or waking up this morning. What you appreciate matters less than the act of taking the time to focus on what is right about your life today.

See it in your mind and live the moment.

Similar to visualizing your affirmations, visualizing what you appreciate creates a much stronger force in your mind. Close your eyes for ten seconds and see what you appreciate. Live the moment and take a quick second to actually feel appreciation before you move on to the next step.