Weekly Milestones

In this section, you will define the milestones that will move you toward your monthly goals. Your daily priorities will be aimed at reaching these milestones.

Your weekly milestones are a blend of personal, professional, health, and relationship goals. It is up to you as to which is more important. You do not need to have more than 1 listed but never have more than 5. Slow, steady, and meaningful progress is the goal. Weekly milestones should be things that require time and effort. Any more than 5 in a week and you are in danger of losing focus.


You will also be asked to identify potential struggles and hurdles. Anticipate any difficulties that you may have so that you can prepare yourself to best overcome them. Life happens, be ready to make the best of any situation.

Finally, ask yourself how you will overcome your struggles. By thinking ahead to your struggles and then pre-emptively overcoming them in your mind, you are preparing yourself for the situation. It’s very much like practicing a sport, except your big match is life. 

We spend so much time going over mistakes from the past. What if we spend a fraction of that time preparing for the future. Anticipate difficult situations and walk-through the way you will overcome it in your mind. Be ready and overcome that situation before it happens.