Learn to Use The Define My Day Journal

The comprehensive instructions to gain more focus, avoid distraction, and live grow to live fulfilled.
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Welcome to the Define My Day Journal, the small daily habit that will help guide you to big results. Each day, you will gain more clarity and focus as you make progress toward your goals. Make it your habit that launches you to the next level.

When to Use the Define My Day Journal

Schedule ten minutes each morning to complete your day’s intentions. Do it first thing before life’s distractions get in the way. I like to do mine while drinking my morning coffee.

Just before turning in for the night, reflect on your day using the back of each worksheet. Think of ways to improve and set your intentions for the next morning.

How to Use the Define My Day Journal

Make this the record of your life. You tell it where you are going, and it will record where you have been.

Using the Define My Day journal will be a journey. You’ll gain more awareness of your strengths and weaknesses each day.

Always be re-evaluating, assessing your progress, and pushing yourself to be a bit more disciplined. Over time, you’ll be amazed at the results.