There is so much to look forward to today! You just have to look for it.

This practice is very much related to the practice of appreciation. However, appreciation can feel like a passive activity. Enjoyment is very much an active one.

The Purpose

By looking forward in anticipation of what you will enjoy, you are setting your intentions toward the positive. Taking time to focus on the best parts of the upcoming day will train your mind to see good things. Not only are you seeking out what to enjoy today, you are also setting the expectation that you will enjoy it. That expectation frequently becomes a self-fulling prophesy.

You can also seek to enjoy the best of a bad situation. Stressed out about a meeting? Enjoy the fact that you get to observe your boss get red-faced and bent out of shape about inconsequential metrics. Also, enjoy that you get to put it behind you. If you struggle to get through the workday, focus on enjoying the small moments of peace, the ride home, or the feeling of enjoyment when you see your family after a long day.

This can also be a command. You may tell yourself that you will find enjoyment today even if you don’t feel like it. If you don’t feel like being around your spouse, tell yourself that you will enjoy their company. Sometimes, the smallest change in attitude can have big ripple effects.