Review Your Day

Review your progress for your day. Identify your accomplishments, your failures and struggles, and where you can improve for tomorrow.


The journal section of the Review My Day page is your opportunity to write down your own thoughts about your day. What stood out about the day? Summarize the day in any way you prefer. Is there something that, if you opened to this page a year from now, you would find nice to remember?

Tomorrow I Will Improve

There is always room for improvement. In this section, take a critical look at your day and identify the one thing that you would like to do better tomorrow. Can you bring more energy? Can you be more disciplined with your time? Maybe you need to focus on one of the vital behaviors. Where do you feel you can make the most improvement tomorrow?

I Am Looking Forward To

This is the section that will help set a positive intention for tomorrow. What do you get to do tomorrow that will excite you? What will get you the most progress? By setting this intention in your mind before the end of your day, you are creating a mindset of anticipation and opportunity.